All it takes, are brakes!

All it takes
are brakes!



Greening Europe is certified to perform ECE R90 approved vehicle tests for rotors and drums as well as brake pads and shoes. Working closely with RDW, the vehicle Technical Authority of The Netherlands (E4), reports issued by Greening Europe can be used to fulfill the testing requirements used in attaining ECE R90 certification.



ECE R90 certification testing for passenger car brake pads or shoes is conducted entirely on the vehicle. With an outstanding availability of cars, light trucks, crossovers and SUVs…



Greening designs and builds custom-engineered test equipment, including brake dynamometers, compressibility test stands, suspension spring and wheel fatigue test machines and…


Tyre performance

Greening Europe can provide objective tyre performance data with respect to braking, maximum lateral deceleration, and aquaplaning, with state-of-the-art testing equipment…

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About us

Building upon over 50 years of testing experience based in the US, Greening Europe was formed in 2016 to provide high quality, cost effective full-vehicle testing services for replacement automotive components.  With a fully equipped office and garage located at the RDW test track, Greening Europe is well positioned to quickly and professionally meet customers’ needs.

Accredited by RDW

Greening Testing Laboratories, Inc. and Greening Europe are accredited to perform the ECE R90 test for brake discs and drums as well as brake pads and shoes by RDW. Reports issued by Greening can be used to fulfill the requirements used in attaining ECE R90 certification.

Our advantage 

Greening’s experienced test team creates clear test data and engineering reports, providing support for your R&D and marketing needs. Greening will help you to get the maximum parts coverage of your certification. Based on your product portfolio Greening provides the most efficient and economical test plan.


Our team



Managing Director

I really enjoy working at Greening Europe because of the variety in tasks in which I am involved. Being aware of the complete process of testing vehicles and to create a well-structured business in which we can expand is my main objective. My ambition is to motivate and support our team to be as efficient as possible.

Working closely with our clients, it is important to know their needs and meet their expectations.  I consider myself as a hard-working, trustworthy person and a reliable partner. Being a woman in a man’s world gives me the extra motivation to serve the company and its goals to the best.

I do not have a favorite car but a need for speed, so any car faster than my own Dacia Logan will do!



Senior Vehicle Dynamics Technician

In our team I fulfill the task of preparing and testing the vehicles brake systems and its equipment as well as searching for the correct vehicle and its OE (Original Equipment) parts.

As much as I enjoy the whole process, my favorite part will always be driving on the test track.

My aim is to achieve the best possible results within the scheduled timeframe. I love this job and the fact that I learn more each day.

It is hard to choose a favorite car, but a 1973 Porsche 911 RSR would definitely do it for me.



Vehicle Dynamics Specialist

I am a self-proclaimed gearhead, and because of the variety in testing cars and the different driving experiences I decided to work for Greening Europe. The difference between testing a Mercedes Benz MB 100 or a Porsche 911 Turbo makes my job really interesting. 

In the future I hope that we will expand and that my study as an Innovation Scientist will come in handy. I hope to take on more tasks and responsibilities to service the customers and the company to its best.

My favorite car is by far the BMW E30 M3. The sound, engine, road behavior, appearance and styling make this my favorite car. I never driven one, but only sitting in it and enjoying its beauty, is, for the time being, enough!




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